JACINTH WEE (rosebullet_x) wrote,

DBS One Tap ;)

You got to check out this video I posted (*points above*), saw it while I was surfing YouTube. Right at the heart of Orchard, some crazy stuff was happening at Shaw Theatres Lido!

I was just there two weeks back, luckily I never “kenna” stuck in a middle of a flash mob like those guys did. It’s so funny though, and their expressions are priceless! So basically, they tapped their phone against this DBS one.tap booth and “Viola!”, they were instant celebrities.

So I thought, what is this whole thing la, “What is DBS one.tap?”

Well, it’s a “pay-phone”. As in, you can pay for your purchases with the phone! (Sorry, bad joke?)

With the first virtual credit card that sits on your phone (housed within StarHub's SmartWallet app), all you have to do is tap your phone and you can walk away with your shopping! That is soooooo high-tech. So cool.

Well, the good people at DBS also made sure it was theft-proof. You’ve got to key in a password to unlock the app before you can use the DBS one.tap!

Thank God I recently got an NFC enabled smartphone, I swear I’m gonna be the first to try out this super cool card!

If you want more information, you can check out www.dbs.com.sg/onetap.

Till next time everyone! 

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