JACINTH WEE (rosebullet_x) wrote,

Grace called my name.

I just had the sudden compulsion to update, but I'm not sure what to say. Hmmm, let me just do an update about what's going on in my life right now then.

Three things I need to say at 2.41PM:
(Wow it's been a long time.)  


1. Daddy God has really blessed me with undeserving grades for my O levels. :) 9 distinctions, though one more 2 than 1, was definitely such a pleasant surprise. It just really goes to show that when you do it His way, which is simply resting in His love and grace instead of mugging your eyeballs out, you'd receive such supernatural results! Until right up to this moment, I'm still wavering between disbelief and the other voice that goes, 'Don't tell me you didn't know this would happen!'

2. Right, so where off to next? It was a tough decision between ACJC and Ngee Ann's Mass Comm. But well, I chose the latter in the end. :) There are many reasons that I can present to you to justify my actions but I will be completely honest and tell you that yes, because I think it would be more fun. Of course, it does give me the exposure and experience that would certainly be very useful in making decisions later on in life. But ultimately, I wanted to follow my heart and do something I know I would definitely enjoy instead of something that everyone else thought was the 'right' move for me. If you want to take it from a spiritual perspective, I can't prepare myself for God's calling in my life, whatever that calling might be. So might as well do the things I love while He takes care of the preparation process for me? (Wow that rhymed! LOL!)

3. Because Poly only starts in April, I kinda have alot of free time. The JC people might be feeling that slight pinch right now but honestly, it's not all fun and games. I'm currently blessed with a job that pays well and gives me alot of freedom, like being able to facebook or Ebay and stuff. Basically I'm just doing some simple data entry work for Cash Converters. Surrounded by dusty CDs the whole day isn't that much of a comfort, but I must admit that I am very thankful already. :) But I just found out that all ex-commonwealthians were offered job opportunities at Resort World Sentosa, so yeah hopefully I'd hop over there soon enough. :)

Hehe I've got to stop here cause I really need to go back to work, and besides I can't think of any else much to say.

Blessed week darlings! ;)

PS:  I reallyyyyyy wanna give tuition to lower sec or primary school kids! I mean, teaching is something I really do enjoy doing and the money is good too, so why not? ANYBODY GOT SIBLINGS OR CUZZIES WHO NEED ACADEMIC HELP?! I'm a lil too busy right now to look for students, so yeah. :( 

PPS: Brod's FB status yesterday said: '
The ONLY reason why Christians are so freaking annoying when it comes to pestering you to come to church is because they are the only people who give a damn about where you go after you die!'
I couldn't agree more.


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