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Right I'm kinda supposed to be doing some math. (I love doing math best cause it's the only subject I can practice with my ipod plugged in.) But I just need to let this out!

Okay, so I've slacked in my studies for long enough. Like since that 'life-changing' point of my life last august. After that event I guess I just.. gave in and gave out. Complete disregard towards my priorities. But I say life-changing for a reason because it did change for the better afterall. I found my way back to the best any girl can ever have, and that's Jesus. :)

The last time I remembered that I really studied was during my sec two streaming. That's a longgg time people. And since EOYs last year, I've only relied on grace and grace alone. And I thank Him a thousand times over for His beautiful grace for giving me such undeserved results every single time without fail. (My prelim results were undeserved, really. I don't even remember MUGGING for any papers, but 16 points? I know He could have given me more but I just know He wants me to see His increase and multiplication.)

The time is right now for me to peak
. I looked at the calendar, and saw barely five rows of dates before my first paper. My jaw hung wide open and my heart stopped for brief moment. My first thought was, 'WHAT THE? I THOUGHT THE TEACHERS SAID SEVEN WEEKS?!' Then I smiled to myself. (And no, I'm not psycho.) All I could say was, "Jesus, I'm ready for it, are You ready for it?" And duh, Jesus was probably ready 2000 years ago!

I'm ready for the best ride of my life.
:) Really, I've never felt such joy and excitement studying for my exams. You know, this one month is going to be such an intimitate time with Him. He's my personal 24/7 tutor and He's my secret to success. :) His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and therefore this journey will be edifying. It will build, not rob. I will increase, not decrease. And it shall be nothing but a mere breeze.

If math was a person I'd probably curse and swear at him everyday. I detest math. But yet He still gave me an 82 for my emath paper! If that's not God I don't know who it could be! I could NEVER have done it. I only briefly did a few questions the night before, that's all! So what if I got an F9 for my Chem during prelims? When I get an A1 for the O's, I'd know it's God. This time, I'm going to show all those scholars that what they can do, I can do better! Being ordinary doesn't mean you cannot do extra-ordinary things. Can you imagine? Last time with God's grace alone, I yielded decent results. This time round, with me WORKING through God's Grace, how much more I can acheive, through Him? I really can't wait to sit for the exams and show the world that "Wo de ye shu ke yi!" (Quote from Alvin)

To all my friends who don't know Him,
whatever I said above probably don't mean much to you at all. But you know you still need to do the exams and you know you are going to do it well. Four years in Commonwealth, c'mon. Give those four years their worth. What you are capable of dreaming, you are capable of acheiving. And boy, year after year, do we get surprises! :) Anytime you feel low, like you need someone to take your hand and pull you up, know that the Jesus that loves Pearlyn loves you too! You never know, you might just get a glimpse of His awesome-ness when you try reaching out to Him for help. In any case, I'd be here as well! :)

To my kingdom friends who are thoroughly in love with Him,
know that He loves you and me beyond our human comprehension. Yup, when you know that the creator of the heavens and the earths loves you, the mere human walking on the street, nothing else can stand in your way. And I say NOTHING. (It's kinda like saying Brad Pitt is completely crazy about me, a girl somewhere far off in Singapore, but only a million times better!) When you're filed with His love, everything else just falls into place. I don't know about you, but I know without any doubt in my heart, that He will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I can ever ask or think! Don't work by logic, work by the spirit. He knows best, and He will give you no less than the best. Everytime I'm led by the spirit to skip a chapter or focus on a specific part, I never get let down during the actual paper. :) We all have times we just lose faith, just feel like giving up, just wanna be 'normal'. Remember, faith is a gift, and God loves to give you, His beloved, gifts. ASK Him to lead you to the cross, where His love first poured out. He made us to live a life led radically, so with each breath that you take, know that you are set apart FOR His glory, THROUGH His grace and IN His everlasting love.

Wow, that was quite an overflow. Man, Jesus is awesome. Prolly not going to update much till after O's. But you know you'll always find me on twitter and facebook. Hehe. Goodnight world!
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