JACINTH WEE (rosebullet_x) wrote,

Arise, shine!

Reuel @ Connect '09

Five things I need to say at 3.30AM:

1. Gosh, it's been awhile since I've blogged! And it's been awhile since I've stayed up to so late. Haha. Better not screw up my body clock this week. Amazing how much I abstained from logging onto msn in the last two weeks because of prelims.

2. Does the things you do in your daily life have value? Genuine value, that is. Take for example, examinations. You know, sometimes we kill ourselves over studying for exams, but what value do we find in that? What's the value in making oneself sleep lesser, feel worser and age faster over a few marks in a paper? Srsly guys, after you get your results, you're probably gonna feel really good or really bad about it for 15 mins and then move on with life. Well for me it's the case. Probably an occasional 'self-pat-on-the-shoulder' or 'invisible-slap-on-the-face' when your friend asks you how much you got for the physics paper along the corridor. It's only for that short period of glory or downfall, that's all! So do what is of value, of ETERNAL value. :)

3. Been walking around Ion these two days after church and stuff and the place is already starting to grow old. :( Like, I'm totally thrilled to find new stores like Steve Madden there but.. that's really ALL there is. A few new never-before-seen boutiques and the rest you can typically find it anywhere else along Orchard. Then again, I still love the place and it is REALLY massive, perfect place to spend your afternoon! :)

4. I know it's the holidays but I guess I feel like doing some catching up on Amath. Integration hanging on the loose end and I need to tighten that up then I'm pretty much ready already! :) I think God really used my cousin to remind me of what an awesome gift I have. Srsly, like I need wayyyy lesser time than some other people to acheive the same results, through effective studying. And besides, God never fails to let me study only the things need, like he ALWAYS spots questions for me and that's really sooo awesome. Work through the spirit, and out of rest. It really becomes fun sometimes!

5. Service today was awesomeeeeee! Got to stand under Darlene Zschech's nose, hehe. YES, DARLENE FROM HILLSONG!! She is an awesome woman of God, uber anointed. :) But most importantly, I got to stand beneath Jesus's nose!! So awed by Him. :) You know these days I just feel the simplicity and wonder of living in Him. This bliss is just breathtaking. Every single moment of my life, I feel so deeply loved and greatly blessed. :) Recently I've been having that annoying voice in my head asking, 'What do you think they will think of you?! These people don't know Jesus, they will just think you're one crazy brainwashed Jesus geek!' After awhile I figured, I don't really care.

Romans 1:16 says 'I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation..'

Uhhuh. I love Jesus, but only because He first loved me. I dare say I have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I want and need in this life, and MORE. You don't ask a girl to break up with her boyfriend just because you don't like her boyfriend or how deeply she's in love with him, right? ;) I'm tight with Jesus man, I'm BFFs with the creator of the heavens and the earth and He is madly in love with me. So tell me, wacha gon' do bout that! Ha! :P

K this is a special shoutout to Charmaine! Let's go jamming sometime this weeeeeeekkkkkkk! Miss you girl! ;)

Wow it's gon' be 4 already, night night!

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