DBS One Tap ;)

You got to check out this video I posted (*points above*), saw it while I was surfing YouTube. Right at the heart of Orchard, some crazy stuff was happening at Shaw Theatres Lido!

I was just there two weeks back, luckily I never “kenna” stuck in a middle of a flash mob like those guys did. It’s so funny though, and their expressions are priceless! So basically, they tapped their phone against this DBS one.tap booth and “Viola!”, they were instant celebrities.

So I thought, what is this whole thing la, “What is DBS one.tap?”

Well, it’s a “pay-phone”. As in, you can pay for your purchases with the phone! (Sorry, bad joke?)

With the first virtual credit card that sits on your phone (housed within StarHub's SmartWallet app), all you have to do is tap your phone and you can walk away with your shopping! That is soooooo high-tech. So cool.

Well, the good people at DBS also made sure it was theft-proof. You’ve got to key in a password to unlock the app before you can use the DBS one.tap!

Thank God I recently got an NFC enabled smartphone, I swear I’m gonna be the first to try out this super cool card!

If you want more information, you can check out www.dbs.com.sg/onetap.

Till next time everyone! 

Grace called my name.

I just had the sudden compulsion to update, but I'm not sure what to say. Hmmm, let me just do an update about what's going on in my life right now then.

Three things I need to say at 2.41PM:
(Wow it's been a long time.)  


1. Daddy God has really blessed me with undeserving grades for my O levels. :) 9 distinctions, though one more 2 than 1, was definitely such a pleasant surprise. It just really goes to show that when you do it His way, which is simply resting in His love and grace instead of mugging your eyeballs out, you'd receive such supernatural results! Until right up to this moment, I'm still wavering between disbelief and the other voice that goes, 'Don't tell me you didn't know this would happen!'

2. Right, so where off to next? It was a tough decision between ACJC and Ngee Ann's Mass Comm. But well, I chose the latter in the end. :) There are many reasons that I can present to you to justify my actions but I will be completely honest and tell you that yes, because I think it would be more fun. Of course, it does give me the exposure and experience that would certainly be very useful in making decisions later on in life. But ultimately, I wanted to follow my heart and do something I know I would definitely enjoy instead of something that everyone else thought was the 'right' move for me. If you want to take it from a spiritual perspective, I can't prepare myself for God's calling in my life, whatever that calling might be. So might as well do the things I love while He takes care of the preparation process for me? (Wow that rhymed! LOL!)

3. Because Poly only starts in April, I kinda have alot of free time. The JC people might be feeling that slight pinch right now but honestly, it's not all fun and games. I'm currently blessed with a job that pays well and gives me alot of freedom, like being able to facebook or Ebay and stuff. Basically I'm just doing some simple data entry work for Cash Converters. Surrounded by dusty CDs the whole day isn't that much of a comfort, but I must admit that I am very thankful already. :) But I just found out that all ex-commonwealthians were offered job opportunities at Resort World Sentosa, so yeah hopefully I'd hop over there soon enough. :)

Hehe I've got to stop here cause I really need to go back to work, and besides I can't think of any else much to say.

Blessed week darlings! ;)

PS:  I reallyyyyyy wanna give tuition to lower sec or primary school kids! I mean, teaching is something I really do enjoy doing and the money is good too, so why not? ANYBODY GOT SIBLINGS OR CUZZIES WHO NEED ACADEMIC HELP?! I'm a lil too busy right now to look for students, so yeah. :( 

PPS: Brod's FB status yesterday said: '
The ONLY reason why Christians are so freaking annoying when it comes to pestering you to come to church is because they are the only people who give a damn about where you go after you die!'
I couldn't agree more.


I get lost in the beauty of everything I see.

This bittersweet sojourn, I will indulge. 
Those alluring proclivities of yours.
That sharp yet effortless love.
A dreadful mistake.  

He's calling, 'Come home.'

Dancing around with emotions.
Playing with insecurities. 
Teasing my tear gates.
All over again.

He's calling, 'Come home.'

Ruled by my idiosyncrasies.
What masochistic desires.
A vagrant, in contary.
Such foolishness.

'Child, come home.'


Called for His purpose.

All of us standing on the 'Holy of Holies', modernly known as the Dome of the Spirits, in Israel. :)
Note that picture was taken with the 'Raymond method'. Hahaha.

{Romans 8:28}
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. 

The verse for my 2009 was Isaiah 60:1-5, if anybody remembered reading my post at the start of the year. I wanted to arise, and shine. To be that light in darkness. And looking back at my 2009, I would say that all my resolutions were fulfilled in ways that I wanted it to turn out, even beyond expectations. :) 

Romans 8:28 was a verse that really popped up at the right season, based on everything that was happening around me. Both Ireen and Brod gave me this verse, and I must say it's pretty precious for me. Lily (da jie!) once said, life is about making a decision, believing, and then resting. At this point, there are many decisions that I feel I have to make. Spiritually, emotionally, and also practically. (eg. Which school to attend after O's.) Some decisions are really difficult to make, some decisions might even tear me apart a little, but I know that all things will work together for good, somehow. :) And this promise is for those who love God. It doesn't say that you gotta have at least 50% attendance in church, or that you've gotta be serving regularly. It doesn't even say that you've gotta give 100% of your heart to Him, though that'll be pretty good. Even if you feel like you don't know God well and only love Him with 0.5% of your heart, all things will still work together for good for you! It's not about your miserable capacity to love a God who you might not even feel so passionate about, but it's about His love for you, which is beyond human comprehension! 

And yup, everyone single of us has a calling in our life, according to His purpose. :) I pray that in 2010, God will continue to shape and grow me, working out my gifts and callings because I know I have an important and significant purpose to fulfill!

2010 is going to be a radical year, yet light and easy through our right of rest. :)
Here's hoping that 2010 will change your life!

Goodnight darlings!

You'd be by my side.

By Your Side - Tenth Avenue North

Why are you striving these days?
Why are you trying to earn grace?
Why are you crying?
Let me lift up your face, just don't turn away.

A good reason to be a better version of myself, this 2010.

I know I haven't blogged for ages, but yeah. Bev introduced this song to me some time back, but I only had the time to really listen to the lyrics today. The images, the stories, the emotions, they touched me so deeply. Just started to realise that there're so many reasons for me to live out of the context of myself. There's just no logical reason for me to cry out in despair, for they are all tears shed in vain. I'm certain I'm held in completely safe hands, and I'm not going to try to fight them off.  :) 

Just came back from Israel. I can't really describe how special and precious it was. It just really, made everything so tangible. Such a dated work at Calvary felt like it's 'right here right now'. I'd definitely be back, probably next year. Those 10 days really made me love the land so much, and opened up my eyes to see the multitude of people that needs to be loved, by people like me who have the capacity to reach out give a part of my heart to them. It allowed me to see how significant I was in God's eyes, for me to be handpicked by Him for His purposes.

Flying off to Kuching next monday already. Gosh, have been flying non stop, fourth time I'm packing my luggage this holiday. Pretty excited for many reasons. Firstly, I'm going back this time by myself, with Dione! :) Darn sure we're going to have alot of fun. Secondly, I miss my cousins and family there. I really really do. Miss that fuzzy wuzzy feeling! And lastly, it's been a long time since I've last caught up with a friend of mine there. Guess we're living very different lives now, but I still do miss the friendship. It very much sucks when you have somebody you enjoy so much talking and spending time with taken away from you. I'm not afraid of disappointments, but yeah, just hoping something will turn out right. 

ARROW service tmr! Can't wait to see all the people I love with all my heart and soul! Gonna go back to uploading my Israel pics on FB. Blessed night darlings! ;)



Right I'm kinda supposed to be doing some math. (I love doing math best cause it's the only subject I can practice with my ipod plugged in.) But I just need to let this out!

Okay, so I've slacked in my studies for long enough. Like since that 'life-changing' point of my life last august. After that event I guess I just.. gave in and gave out. Complete disregard towards my priorities. But I say life-changing for a reason because it did change for the better afterall. I found my way back to the best any girl can ever have, and that's Jesus. :)

The last time I remembered that I really studied was during my sec two streaming. That's a longgg time people. And since EOYs last year, I've only relied on grace and grace alone. And I thank Him a thousand times over for His beautiful grace for giving me such undeserved results every single time without fail. (My prelim results were undeserved, really. I don't even remember MUGGING for any papers, but 16 points? I know He could have given me more but I just know He wants me to see His increase and multiplication.)

The time is right now for me to peak
. I looked at the calendar, and saw barely five rows of dates before my first paper. My jaw hung wide open and my heart stopped for brief moment. My first thought was, 'WHAT THE? I THOUGHT THE TEACHERS SAID SEVEN WEEKS?!' Then I smiled to myself. (And no, I'm not psycho.) All I could say was, "Jesus, I'm ready for it, are You ready for it?" And duh, Jesus was probably ready 2000 years ago!

I'm ready for the best ride of my life.
:) Really, I've never felt such joy and excitement studying for my exams. You know, this one month is going to be such an intimitate time with Him. He's my personal 24/7 tutor and He's my secret to success. :) His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and therefore this journey will be edifying. It will build, not rob. I will increase, not decrease. And it shall be nothing but a mere breeze.

If math was a person I'd probably curse and swear at him everyday. I detest math. But yet He still gave me an 82 for my emath paper! If that's not God I don't know who it could be! I could NEVER have done it. I only briefly did a few questions the night before, that's all! So what if I got an F9 for my Chem during prelims? When I get an A1 for the O's, I'd know it's God. This time, I'm going to show all those scholars that what they can do, I can do better! Being ordinary doesn't mean you cannot do extra-ordinary things. Can you imagine? Last time with God's grace alone, I yielded decent results. This time round, with me WORKING through God's Grace, how much more I can acheive, through Him? I really can't wait to sit for the exams and show the world that "Wo de ye shu ke yi!" (Quote from Alvin)

To all my friends who don't know Him,
whatever I said above probably don't mean much to you at all. But you know you still need to do the exams and you know you are going to do it well. Four years in Commonwealth, c'mon. Give those four years their worth. What you are capable of dreaming, you are capable of acheiving. And boy, year after year, do we get surprises! :) Anytime you feel low, like you need someone to take your hand and pull you up, know that the Jesus that loves Pearlyn loves you too! You never know, you might just get a glimpse of His awesome-ness when you try reaching out to Him for help. In any case, I'd be here as well! :)

To my kingdom friends who are thoroughly in love with Him,
know that He loves you and me beyond our human comprehension. Yup, when you know that the creator of the heavens and the earths loves you, the mere human walking on the street, nothing else can stand in your way. And I say NOTHING. (It's kinda like saying Brad Pitt is completely crazy about me, a girl somewhere far off in Singapore, but only a million times better!) When you're filed with His love, everything else just falls into place. I don't know about you, but I know without any doubt in my heart, that He will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I can ever ask or think! Don't work by logic, work by the spirit. He knows best, and He will give you no less than the best. Everytime I'm led by the spirit to skip a chapter or focus on a specific part, I never get let down during the actual paper. :) We all have times we just lose faith, just feel like giving up, just wanna be 'normal'. Remember, faith is a gift, and God loves to give you, His beloved, gifts. ASK Him to lead you to the cross, where His love first poured out. He made us to live a life led radically, so with each breath that you take, know that you are set apart FOR His glory, THROUGH His grace and IN His everlasting love.

Wow, that was quite an overflow. Man, Jesus is awesome. Prolly not going to update much till after O's. But you know you'll always find me on twitter and facebook. Hehe. Goodnight world!

Arise, shine!

Reuel @ Connect '09

Five things I need to say at 3.30AM:

1. Gosh, it's been awhile since I've blogged! And it's been awhile since I've stayed up to so late. Haha. Better not screw up my body clock this week. Amazing how much I abstained from logging onto msn in the last two weeks because of prelims.

2. Does the things you do in your daily life have value? Genuine value, that is. Take for example, examinations. You know, sometimes we kill ourselves over studying for exams, but what value do we find in that? What's the value in making oneself sleep lesser, feel worser and age faster over a few marks in a paper? Srsly guys, after you get your results, you're probably gonna feel really good or really bad about it for 15 mins and then move on with life. Well for me it's the case. Probably an occasional 'self-pat-on-the-shoulder' or 'invisible-slap-on-the-face' when your friend asks you how much you got for the physics paper along the corridor. It's only for that short period of glory or downfall, that's all! So do what is of value, of ETERNAL value. :)

3. Been walking around Ion these two days after church and stuff and the place is already starting to grow old. :( Like, I'm totally thrilled to find new stores like Steve Madden there but.. that's really ALL there is. A few new never-before-seen boutiques and the rest you can typically find it anywhere else along Orchard. Then again, I still love the place and it is REALLY massive, perfect place to spend your afternoon! :)

4. I know it's the holidays but I guess I feel like doing some catching up on Amath. Integration hanging on the loose end and I need to tighten that up then I'm pretty much ready already! :) I think God really used my cousin to remind me of what an awesome gift I have. Srsly, like I need wayyyy lesser time than some other people to acheive the same results, through effective studying. And besides, God never fails to let me study only the things need, like he ALWAYS spots questions for me and that's really sooo awesome. Work through the spirit, and out of rest. It really becomes fun sometimes!

5. Service today was awesomeeeeee! Got to stand under Darlene Zschech's nose, hehe. YES, DARLENE FROM HILLSONG!! She is an awesome woman of God, uber anointed. :) But most importantly, I got to stand beneath Jesus's nose!! So awed by Him. :) You know these days I just feel the simplicity and wonder of living in Him. This bliss is just breathtaking. Every single moment of my life, I feel so deeply loved and greatly blessed. :) Recently I've been having that annoying voice in my head asking, 'What do you think they will think of you?! These people don't know Jesus, they will just think you're one crazy brainwashed Jesus geek!' After awhile I figured, I don't really care.

Romans 1:16 says 'I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation..'

Uhhuh. I love Jesus, but only because He first loved me. I dare say I have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I want and need in this life, and MORE. You don't ask a girl to break up with her boyfriend just because you don't like her boyfriend or how deeply she's in love with him, right? ;) I'm tight with Jesus man, I'm BFFs with the creator of the heavens and the earth and He is madly in love with me. So tell me, wacha gon' do bout that! Ha! :P

K this is a special shoutout to Charmaine! Let's go jamming sometime this weeeeeeekkkkkkk! Miss you girl! ;)

Wow it's gon' be 4 already, night night!

Things that I miss

Can I, spell it all out for you? 

Girl, you aren't gon' stay in there forever, are you? 

It's about time to see if history stays in the past or repeats itself.

One thing's for sure, i'm not going to do this all over again.


Then again, bribe me.